Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carry Drinks in a Muffin Tin for One-Trip Refills [Entertaining]

Carry Drinks in a Muffin Tin for One-Trip Refills

Carry Drinks in a Muffin Tin for One-Trip RefillsNext time you want to take all the drinks out to your guests in one sweep, repurpose a muffin tray as a sturdy drink carrier and bring out all the drinks—or refills—in a single trip.

Parenting tips and tricks blog Parent Hacks shares a trick for carrying drinks, courtesy of a reader named Tracey:

I recently had an outdoor party for my child and her friends. I used a muffin/cupcake tin to put all the cups of water in, so that they wouldn't spill when I carried them outside. It was nice because everyone got their water at once, rather than me bringing outside only what my hands could carry.

At first we were concerned the trick would only work for small children's glasses, but we grabbed a muffin tray from the kitchen and it accepted rows of adult sized plastic cups and slender drinking glasses just fine—the chunkier glasses with a square base were, obviously, out of the question.

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