Thursday, November 18, 2010

TeamViewer Beta 6 is now out, remote control freaks rejoice


Let me just come right out and say it: TeamViewer is the best remote control application for Windows PCs today. I've tried numerous apps, and nothing comes close to TeamViewer's performance on a WAN. For LAN situations, Windows Remote Desktop rocks. But when you've got the whole wide Internet between you and the computer you'd like to control, nothing beats TeamViewer. I use it several times per week, for extended sessions (hours on end), and it's always a joy to use. So yes, I'm a rabid fan, and I'm not ashamed.

And now, TeamViewer has announced a new beta for version 6. If you use TeamViewer 5, you'll notice the look and feel is different. But changes are more than skin-deep:

  • Custom QuickSupport is a feature that lets you connect to existing customers much more quickly, without getting their ID and password newly every time.
  • QuickJoin is a new feature that lets you send the session data to participants beforehand. This is great for presentations – the participants connect to your computer, and not vice versa. You no longer need to enter the data for each of the participants manually.
  • Reconnection after reboot makes sure TeamViewer will re-establish the connection even after the remote computer went down and came back up.

There are several other options; if you're not using TeamViewer yet, you really should start. But remember this is still a beta, so if you use it to control nuclear reactors or a personal army of killer robots, you may want to hold off on the upgrade.

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