Saturday, April 24, 2010

Found Footage: iPhone OS 4.0, multitasking, app switching

Found Footage: iPhone OS 4.0, multitasking, app switching: "
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As you may or may not know, a beta of iPhone OS 4 is out in the wild for developers; ever since its announcement and subsequent release, little tidbits of information have been sneaking out. Today's found footage comes to you by way of a nice little YouTube video displaying the latest OS's multi-tasking chops.

In the video we see an anonymous finger switching between multiple, running apps and there is a nice little animation to accompany the transition. I won't spoil the fun for you but needless to say, I can't wait to get this on my iPhone!

[via Engadget]
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Video: Android running on the iPhone

Video: Android running on the iPhone: "

Consider my mind blown.

There have been a lot of (poorly) faked videos portraying Android running on the iPhone over the last few years. Lots and lots. Like a ridiculous amount.

Well, this one’s real.

Read more at MobileCrunch >>


Friday, April 23, 2010

Found Footage: Android running on the iPhone

Found Footage: Android running on the iPhone: "
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Hacker David 'Planetbeing' Wong has posted a video of Google's Linux-based Android OS running via OpeniBoot on the iPhone. Obviously, it's way off of Apple's reservation, but as you can see in the video above, it works very well -- you can browse the web, play media, and even send and receive calls and messages. If you want to give it a shot (and of course, with all iPhone hacks, the usual disclaimers apply -- you might brick your iPhone or worse, cause Steve Jobs a headache), the files are all available for download from his site.

Currently he's only got it running on the 1st generation iPhone, but he says that it should eventually be able to work with later versions. His goal, he says, is to eventually provide iPhone users with a supplementary or even an alternative OS, but as with most of these hacks, it seems like more of a novelty rather than a useful implementation. Still, if you've been itching to free the OS bonds of your 1st gen iPhone, now's your chance to try and slip free of the chains.
TUAWFound Footage: Android running on the iPhone originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is Apple giving Opera for iPhone the Google Voice treatment?

Is Apple giving Opera for iPhone the Google Voice treatment?: "
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When Opera Software submitted their browser to the App Store, there was a flurry of blog posts and speculation as to whether it would be approved or rejected.

Fifteen days have passed since then, with neither approval nor rejection being announced.

Granted, Apple has been extremely busy with the launch of the iPad. However, we have heard of developers getting applications approved in a matter of hours. If Apple has amped up enough reviewers to make sure that iPad and other applications are moving through the approval process swiftly, why has Opera languished?

I don't have any insider knowledge on how applications get reviewed, but I keep imagining a huge building full of cubicles with reviewers hunched over computers. Each time 'Opera' pops up on the review screen, the reviewer presses 'Return To Queue' because none of them want to be the one who either rejects it or approves it.

Perhaps Opera has been stuck in the same holding pattern that Google Voice has been in for the past 7 and a half months. If Apple has actually rejected the Google Voice app, then Google has kept quiet about it. That's entirely possible, although I'm not sure why they would. They had no problem making it clear that Apple required them to rewrite Google Latitude as a Web app. Perhaps they don't want to do anything to strain their working relationship with Apple, which is reportedly very tense in some areas.
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Google Voice may hit your desktop soon, as a Skype competitor

Google Voice may hit your desktop soon, as a Skype competitor: "
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According to Mike Arrington at TechCrunch, Google has begun testing a Skype-like Google Voice desktop app. The new app uses VoIP technology that was acquired by Google when it bought out Gizmo5 late last year. That means you could soon be taking calls to your Google Voice number, right on your desktop.

It's only an internal test so far, so there's no public beta to download. If TechCrunch's sources are accurate, though, this will unchain Google Voice numbers from physical phones. You'll be able to use your Google number the same way that people use SkypeIn numbers now: you won't have to have an actual phone, but you can receive any kind of incoming call on your desktop. This could be the coolest thing to happen to phone calls since Google Voice itself.

Ed. note: Our own Google sources have confirmed this as well, saying 'We're looking at a full, free, VOIP/SMS desktop client...It's amazing.'

Google Voice may hit your desktop soon, as a Skype competitor originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 08 Apr 2010 08:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Suit up early: Lost Planet 2 demo giveaway

Suit up early: Lost Planet 2 demo giveaway: "
Lost Planet 2 might not be coming out until May, but Ars is giving readers a chance to get in on the mech wearin', bug squashin' action early, with some multiplayer demo codes.

The new demo will let up to 16 players try out the game's online versus mode, which makes a return from the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. It will be available on Xbox Live Arcade on April 21 and the PlayStation Network on April 22, but you can get on the action right now. We have 20 codes for both the 360 and PS3 versions to give away, letting winners experience the action a few weeks early.

Simply e-mail with the subject line 'the mechs will keep you warm' in order to enter. We'll be selecting winners at random at 12:00PM EST tomorrow, April 6.
We have our own code, so expect a full report on what's new and improved in the online play very soon.

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MacBook 3D concept: How long till it becomes a reality?

MacBook 3D concept: How long till it becomes a reality?: "

What’s most surprising about this next story is that it took so long to emerge. Presenting… someone’s MacBook 3D mock-up! “See 3D, make 3D.” Yes, that’s very Apple-like indeed.

The concept, put together by a certain Tai Chiem, is filled with all sorts of AppleSpeak: “Welcome to the ‘real’ world;” “More cores, more power;” “stunningly beautiful,” and so on.

The main draw, of course, is the 3D screen. You’d need a pair of 3D glasses to take advantage of the third-dimension—unlike the Nintendo 3DS—but then you’re off and running. Add in a 3D iSight and you’re golden.

Another, non-3D feature: a hinge-less design between the screen and keyboard.

What could be more exciting than editing Word documents in 3D?

via TomsGuide


This Nintendo 3DS concept looks like a DS and PSP offspring

This Nintendo 3DS concept looks like a DS and PSP offspring: "

We’ve always admired the PSP’s sleek exterior, but loved the DS’s fun games. We’re weird like that. But maybe, although it’s highly unlikely, the next DS incarnation will combine some of the PSP’s trademark style with the DS’s functionality. If so, the 3DS would probably look something like this concept art.

[via Yanko Design]


Friday, April 16, 2010

iPad jailbroken

iPad jailbroken: "

And we’re done… the iPad has been jailbroken and can currently run an SSH server. The 3.2 firmware still has a number of security holes which allowed the iPhone Dev-Team to break it using the iPhone 3.1.3 hack.

It hasn’t been officially released, so keep your pants on.

via MacNN


The App Store Now Has Over 3,000 iPad Apps, Only 20 Percent Are Free

The App Store Now Has Over 3,000 iPad Apps, Only 20 Percent Are Free: "

With iPad app frenzy in full force, the App Store is growing by the minute as iPad apps are being approved. Early this morning, Mobile ad exchange Mobclix tallied the number of apps and the breakdown between paid and free apps in the store. According to Mobclix, there are a total of 3,122 iPad apps in the store (keep in mind, these numbers could have changed slightly in the past few hours). As of Thursday evening, there were 2300 iPad apps available for download.

Currently, 80 percent of iPad apps in the store are paid apps, coming in at 2523 apps total. Only 599 of the apps are free, representing 20 percent of all apps. In terms of overall app numbers, games still rule; 942 of the 3,000 plus apps are games, with 804 of these apps being paid apps and 138 being free. Unsurprisingly, most of the 154 book apps available for the iPad are paid apps. Mobclix says the average price of apps is $4.99; and it will run you $12,572.78 to buy all the apps in the store.

While iPad apps may not be easy on your wallet, Apple’s iPhone app store’s breakdown of free vs. paid apps are similar. As of mid-February, when the App Store included 150,000 plus iPhone apps, 75 percent were paid applications.

Of course, the actual prices of paid apps should go down, if iPad apps follow the same trends as paid iPhone apps. And perhaps companies will ditch their pricey app strategy if users tend not to buy pricey paid apps. Time Magazine’s iPad app costs $4.99 per issue with the Wall Street Journal’s iPad subscription coming in at $17.29 per month.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dragon Dictation. On the iPad. For free!

Dragon Dictation. On the iPad. For free!: "
It doesn't really look like a dragon...We’ve been yelling at our gadgets for years to get them to work. And with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software from Nuance, they might actually listen. The mobile version, Dragon Dictation, has been available in the Apple apps store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It got upgraded to version 1.3 today, meaning iPad support. Oh yeah, it’s also free.

Essentially, if you can type it in, you can use Dragon Dictation to, well, dictate it in instead. The “Notes” feature allows you to draft documents, e-mails, world domination plans, etc. It will also work in either portrait or landscape mode.

It won’t be free forever, so go get it soon.