Sunday, April 18, 2010

MacBook 3D concept: How long till it becomes a reality?

MacBook 3D concept: How long till it becomes a reality?: "

What’s most surprising about this next story is that it took so long to emerge. Presenting… someone’s MacBook 3D mock-up! “See 3D, make 3D.” Yes, that’s very Apple-like indeed.

The concept, put together by a certain Tai Chiem, is filled with all sorts of AppleSpeak: “Welcome to the ‘real’ world;” “More cores, more power;” “stunningly beautiful,” and so on.

The main draw, of course, is the 3D screen. You’d need a pair of 3D glasses to take advantage of the third-dimension—unlike the Nintendo 3DS—but then you’re off and running. Add in a 3D iSight and you’re golden.

Another, non-3D feature: a hinge-less design between the screen and keyboard.

What could be more exciting than editing Word documents in 3D?

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