Sunday, January 31, 2010


Early this week Steve Jobs of Apple unveiled their new product, the iPad.  My gReader has been full of news on the latest gadget on the market.  My first impression was that it looked like an over-sized iPhone.  A base model which will run you $499 gets you a 9.5 inch LED-backlit multi-touch screen.  It has Wi-Fi, but $130 more will thow in 3G.  It has 16GB solid-state drive that can boost system start-up in a flash.  Speaking of Flash, it's non-existant, and it doesn't multi-task, yet.  I'm sure that the hack dev team will be working on that as we could see multi-tasking on the jail-broken iPhone.  It's an remarkable design as Apple is known for.  It's 9.56in x 7.47.  And it's 0.5in thick.  It weighs 1.5 pounds.  Apple does offer 32GB @ $599, 64GB @ $699, although it's interesting that you need to add an addtional $130 for 3G.

Would you buy an iPad?  Would it be a Kindle replacement?  What would you use it for? For more information on the iPad, follow the link on Apple's website:

After the jump, you will be able to see Steve Jobs' keynote along with the iPad's introduction.

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