Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nikon D90

I'm interested in starting a new hobby in photography.  I am yet to own my very first DSLR.  My two top camera makers are Canon and Nikon.   My first Canon was a Powershot S40.
During those times I was not into DSLR cameras.  Years later I bought my wife, then girl-friend at that time, a Powershot SD870 IS.


It was the SD870 that tickled my fancy into photography.  I realized how taking a picture is more than just capturing an image of an event or moment in time.  It's a form of art, an expression that is more than just point and shoot.  I also realized that there is skill involved.  I remember I had a friend who had a good eye in taking pictures.  He always had the right angles and knew when to take the shot.  I admire that kind of skill.

I shopped around in looking for the right DSLR.  I'm leaning more on the Nikon D90.

I've looked at the Canon models, but it doesn't come close to the D90.  For a rook like me getting into photography, it didn't take much for me to take an ok picture.  Witht the Canon DSLRs, I'm always getting grainy pictures compared to the D90.  Some tell me that I need to learn to use the settings, but not really knowing all the ins and outs on settings, picking up the D90 without fussing with the settings took clear pictures.

I may have my eye on the Nikon D90, I don't have the $1200 to snag one.  People have told me to start out with the Nikon D40 which is a step down from a D90.  The major difference between the D40 and D90, other than the megapixels is that the D90 has the ability to take movie capture and the D40 doesn't.

As of right now, the Nikon D90 is my dream camera to likely own.

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