Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Capcom Donating Street Fighter IV iOS Sales to Japan Quake Relief - iSmashPhone iPhone Blog


Sometimes, something so tragic happens that it leaves the whole world in shock. RIght now is Japan's time of need, as they were struck with a powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami that were only the beginning of the indescribable nightmare many of the people must be facing right now. Not only the loss of lives, but the economic impact.

There are many out there contributing to the relief efforts for victims of the tragedy, and one of those is Capcom. A game publisher and developer based in Japan. To do their part, they have dropped the price of Street Fighter IV for iOS to 99 cents. Those sales are all going towards Japan's quake relief efforts. In addition, they are immediately donating 100 million yen to help those affected.

In a short post on Capcom's official blog, the publisher/developer had the following to say:

Thank you to everyone who has sent inquiries and wished us well during this crisis.  We want to reiterate that all of our employees in the Osaka and Toyko regions are safe and well, and we thank everyone for their support. 

In response to recent events, Capcom will immediately donate 100 million yen to help victims of the earthquake and communities recover from this tragedy.  

For one week from today, March 15, Street Fighter IV on the iPhone will be available for 99cents/115yen, and all sales of the title during this period will be donated to support earthquake relief activities.

Capcom will also suspend operations or shorten operating hours as necessary at amusement arcades and other business sites that are located in areas served by Tohoku Electric Power and Tokyo Electric Power. In addition, Capcom will refrain from holding special events.

Again, thanks to everyone who has supported Japan during this difficult time, and please help to spread the news about relief efforts.

You can purchase the game here for 99 cents: Street Fighter IV

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