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How to: Make iMovie Work on Your old iPad (Tested Method) - iSmashPhone iPhone Blog

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There's been a tutorial floating around the internet that shows users how to get the new version of iMovie for iOS to work on their first-gen iPad. The problem is, it doesn't work with the new, universal version of iMovie.

Though we've found an older method (one that used to work to bring iMovie to the 3GS) and adjusted it for the first-gen iPad.

Heres how it works:

1) Download the App from the App Store direct to your iTunes account (on your computer). It's only $4.99.

2) You must now locate the iMovie IPA file on your computer. Go to:

            (User)>Music>iTunes>Mobile Applications > iMovie.ipa   

(Windows path may be slightly different, but the rest of the guide still works the same)



3) Change the extension from .ipa to .zip.

4) Unpack your newly-created .zip file

5) Look in the folder called Payload, you will find Right click and select "show package contents": 



6) Within that, you will find a file called "info.plist" Open that with any text editor.



7) Find the field called "UIRequiredDeviceCapability" delete "Front-facing-camera" as shown below:







This basically means that your device no longer needs a front-facing camera to work.


8) Navigate back out to your iMovie folder and compress the objects as shown: 


9) The file will default to the name Change that back to iMovie-iPad.ipa (it's original filename, before we started messing around with it)









Finally, sync your iPad:



Congrats, you now have iMovie on your old iPad.

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