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How to Reset Software Update | Mac|Life

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How to Reset Software Update

Posted 11/25/2011 at 5:32am | by Cory Bohon
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My Software Update (in the Apple menu) is no longer finding software updates. When I start up an iLife or iWork application, it tells me updates are available. If I try to manually download the updates from Apple’s website, it won’t install them because it says I don’t have the current version on my system. Is there a way to reset or fix this problem?

Resetting Software Update will display any updates you’ve ignored in the past.

With the iLife and iWork applications, Apple often advertises new upgrades to the suite of applications when you launch an older version of those iLife and iWork apps. These messages can be confusing, because they understandably lead you to believe there’s a free update. However, Apple is only advertising their new paid upgrades.

These messages are advertising Apple’s new, paid versions of iLife.

If this is not the case, you may have accidentally ignored an iWork or iLife update from within the Software Update application. To reset ignored updates, launch Software Update from the Apple menu, and then select Software Update > Reset Ignored Updates. After doing this, check for new updates again. Any updates you may have ignored in the past will show up as available for installation.


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