Friday, August 20, 2010

Where to Download Free VirtualBox Images (.vdi) and How to Use it


Where to Download Free VirtualBox Images (.vdi) and How to Use it: VirtualBox, arguably the most popular free and open-source virtualization software for Linux is a great tool for trying other operating systems without the need for additional hardware. I utilize VirtualBox for installing and running Windows 7 as guest OS on Ubuntu, and also use it for testingother Linux distributions.

To run an operating system inside VirtualBox, you will need a CD/DVD or image installer of the guest OS so you may have to download it, and then set it up and wait until the installation is finished. If you are always in the mood to try other Linux distros or operating systems, you may find this a time-consuming process.

So what should you do to save some of your precious time? You may download a VirtualBox disk image (.vdi) file of your preferred operating system. Now, where can you download free VirtualBox images? You can go to torrent sites like and search for .vdi. You can also go to and where you will find direct links to tons of VirtualBox images of different Linux distributions and also BSDs. You may also use Google if you are not lazy enough.

How to use VDI file?

Run VirtualBox and start by adding a new virtual machine the way you normally do. But once you reach the “Virtual Hard Disk” part, select “Existing” to open up the VirtualBox Virtual Disk Manager. Using the VirtualBox Virtual Disk Manager, simply attach or add your downloaded .vdi file, and then finish it up. You can now start the virtual machine with your guest OS already installed, so no more waiting.

That’s about it. I hope you will find this useful.

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