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5 Blogs to Learn Adobe Photoshop Online for Free

5 Blogs to Learn Adobe Photoshop Online for Free

Posted on 07. Oct, 2010 by Aminul Islam Sajib in Internet Tools, Links


Although there are lots of free alternatives available both online and offline, Adobe Photoshop is still the most popular and professional way to get things done that are related to photo editing. It is sometimes even used to create logos and business cards instead of Adobe Illustrator.

Learning Adobe Photoshop is not difficult, but becoming a master of PS is absolutely difficult. Probably, even the folks at Adobe don’t know what all can be done with this extraordinary software. They just build the tools; the rest depends on the creativity of user.

There are lots of online and offline courses, DVDs, books and eBooks to learn Photoshop. However, people today like to learn things for free, and tutorials are the best way to learn almost anything – from photo editing to website development. Here are 5 blogs you should follow if you want to learn Photoshop as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user.

PSD Tuts

PSD Tuts deserves to be the most popular blog to follow Photoshop learning on the web. PSD Tuts (Shortened form of Tutorials) publishes amazing walkthroughs to create awesome design and photo manipulation. The blog also publishes tutorials on creating outstanding effects on any photo.

What takes your attention is lots of screenshots that make it very easy to follow. One of the greatest advantages of this blog is you can download the source image files before you follow the steps. However, while the tutorial is completely free, you will need to pay for subscription which will allow you to download the source files.


Tutorial9 publishes Photoshop tutorials for both beginner and advanced level users. The site does not forget to include lots and lots of screenshots that make it easier for you to follow the walkthrough. Most of the time, the tutorial contains a video tutorial which makes it easier-than-imaginable to follow the steps.

You can also download stuff from Tutorial9 for free. The site also contains tips and tutorials regarding Photography, Web designing and blogging. You should give it a try and subscribe if you are a Photoshop enthusiast.


Good-Tutorials is kind of different from the others I talked about above. While most other blogs talk about how to do things with Photoshop, Good-Tutorials talks what Photoshop is, what it is used for, what can be done with it, and lastly, how to get things done with it.

It should be a perfect choice for beginners with no knowledge of Photoshop.

Photoshop Lady

Photoshop Lady aggregates some of the best Photoshop tutorials from across the web. The range of tutorials includes how to create photo effects and design icons. This does not end there.  There are a number of categories to browse through. You will find easy-to-follow tutorials on this site. You can also browse through most rated and most favorite articles by others.

I highly recommend this site because it aggregates best Photoshop tutorials and thus you get a lot of tutorials to follow and learn from.


Lastly, a site for your interaction with Photoshop experts. Luxa claims to be a social learning site for Photoshop artists. It has lots of tutorials, design tutorials and video tutorials. You can request a video tutorial of anything you’d like to learn, and you can also share it with your friends ‘on Luxa’. Luxa can be the best interaction platform to learn Photoshop basics and then slowly move to advanced level of Photoshop use.

There are plenty of other blogs and websites out there which can be helpful for you to learn Photoshop. I’ve just come up with a list that is believed to be most useful and popular around the web. I hope they will help you become a Photoshop Expert.

Do you have a blog or resource you would add to this list?

(By) Aminul Islam Sajib is a technology journalist and blogger. He writes wordpress and blogging tips and maintains a personal blog at

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