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Where the Tech Jobs Are

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Where the Tech Jobs Are

Silicon Valley…everyone’s heard of it and anyone with any interest in tech has dreamed of it – it’s where everything’s happening, right? Eh, been there, done that.

While there’s no mistake that tech is big business in northern California, there are a handful of other cities and states that are charging their way onto the technological scene, actively recruiting some of the best talent in the country and the world. Gone are the days when working with computers meant moving to the West Coast – being ushered in is a new class of tech capitols. The following surprising cities feature some of the most tech jobs per capita outside of Cali.

Texas – Specifically, Austin. Did you know Dell was headquartered here? With over 76,000 employees and proximity to Dallas, a geek-mecca in its own right, Dell’s Round Rock facility is making waves in the Lone Star State.

Boulder, CO – Colorado? IBM and Level 3 are headquartered here, possibly due to low cost of living, and 230 out of 1000 jobs here are in the tech industry.

Huntsville, AL – Okay, I get it, this is a joke, right? Alabama? Huntsville’s got a wealth of engineering jobs to offer thanks to its massive NASA Space Center, many of them in IT and systems development.

Durham, N.C. – One side of the famed “Research Triangle,” Durham hosts a wealth of R&D centers as well as collaborative think tanks. Drawing from the talent available at Duke and the University of North Carolina, this quiet city’s on the move, and it’s taking Raleigh with it.

Albuquerque, NM – No, Intel’s offices don’t look like pueblos and yes, it is as hot as you’d think in Albuquerque. Not only is the huge conglomerate based here, but there is a surplus of R&D testing labs, perhaps due to all the open space readily available for experimentation.

Boise, ID – Say whattt? There’s a lot happening in Boise, and it’s centering around Micron Technology, a computer systems design house. That new microchip and sleek keyboard? Odds are, they’ve been to Boise.

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