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Ask the Readers: How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

Ask the Readers: How Fast is Your Internet Connection?: "
The federal government recently announced a broadband initiative that calls for 260 million homes to have 100Mbps Internet connections by the year 2020. This got us wondering, how fast is your current Internet connection?

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When it comes to the speed of our Internet connection, we all want the maximum possible. The FCC recently announced their National Broadband Plan, which is an initiative to improve the Internet infrastructure in the United States and provide higher speeds to everyone. You’ve also undoubtedly heard the news about Google getting into the mix with their program to bring ultra high-speed fiber broadband to 50,000 users in select cities.

While we wait for those programs to come into fruition, we thought it would be cool to check out what kinds of speeds you’re getting now.

Test Your Internet Connection Speed

There are several sites out there you can use to test your Internet speeds, but probably the best site is It’s easy to use, and allows you test download and upload speeds to and from various locations in the US and throughout the world.


If you already know the speeds you’re getting leave a comment and let us know. If you use, just keep in mind that our comment system won’t allow you to copy their result links, but you can simply tell us what you get in the results. We’re especially interested in the results of those of you who have Verizon FIOS or Comcast’s “Ultra” service. Leave a comment and join in the discussion!

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