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Month in Geek: August 2010 Edition

Another month has come and gone here at How-To Geek. Now we take a moment to look back at the ten hottest articles for August.


Note: Articles are listed as #10 through #1.

Ask the Readers: What Desktop Music Player Do You Use?

We all love to listen to music on our computers whether at work or at home. This week we want to know which desktop music player you use for listening to music.


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Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4 the Easy Way

In case you haven’t heard the news over the past couple of days, there is now an incredibly easy way to jailbreak your iPod Touch or iPhone running iOS 4. Here we will take a look at how easy the process is.


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Add Extra Streaming Television Services to Windows 7 Media Center

Windows 7 Media Center is a great tool for watching live and streaming TV, but what if the included Internet TV isn’t enough? Today we look at the TunerFree MCE plugin to add more streaming choices.


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Desktop Fun: Halo Customization Set

Do you love playing Halo? Then we have a great collection of wallpapers, icon packs, and fonts that you can use to customize your desktop.


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10 Great Skins That Make VLC Media Player Look Awesome

VLC media player is terrific for playing all kinds of media files on your system but you may not care for the native look. We have a great collection of skins to help get you started on removing the “blah factor” and make VLC a lot more fun to look at.


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How to Enable Ctrl+V for Pasting in the Windows Command Prompt

One of the more irritating problems with the Windows command prompt is that you can’t paste anything into the window using the keyboard easily—it requires using the mouse. Here’s how to fix that problem.


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Other Ways to Use Your PC When Your Internet Dies

Nothing is more annoying than getting your Internet connection shut down, due to weather, or perhaps forgetting to pay your bill. Let’s take a look at some ways you can be productive and entertained without the Internet.


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Checklist Guide for Reinstalling Windows

Do you need to reinstall Windows on your computer? Here’s a checklist of the things you should do before you make the leap and reinstall.


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Complete Guide to Breathing New Life Into Your Old PC or Laptop

Do you have an older PC or laptop laying around just collecting dust and not sure what to do with it? You could sell it, but not get much for it. Here we bring you a guide on how to bring it back to life.


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Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

You’re no doubt reading this article because you’ve got a shiny new Android phone, but there’s just one problem: you’re so addicted that the battery runs out on a daily basis. Instead of putting the phone down, let’s maximize the battery life.


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