Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Use an Oven Broiler to Refresh Fried Foods [Food Hacks]

Use an Oven Broiler to Refresh Fried Foods

Use an Oven Broiler to Refresh Fried FoodsWarming up fries and other fried food in the microwave is better than eating them cold but microwaving tends to make fried food limp and soggy. Use your broiler for good-as-new reheating of fried foods.

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Lifehacker reader gzusphish shares the following tip for using your oven to reheat fried foods:

Revitalize limp french-fries and other fried goodies by putting them in the oven on broil. Use aluminum foil to hold them; put the as close to the upper burner as possible; keep an eye on them; and turn/remove them when they're sizzling all over.

It makes sense that some top-down heat on oil-soaked fried good would breathe life into them more effectively than microwaving them from the inside out, forcing moisture to the surface in the process. Have a food or kitchen hack of your own to share? Let's hear about it in the comments. Thanks gzusphish!

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