Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ninite Brings No-Hassle Bulk Installations to Linux [Installers]

Ninite Brings No-Hassle Bulk Installations to Linux

Ninite Brings No-Hassle Bulk Installations to LinuxWindows/Linux: Re-installing your favorite software in a new system takes time—boring, click-to-proceed time you could spend more wisely. Ninite, the web-based installer that takes the nag out of installs, now offers great custom packages for Ubuntu Linux.

If you're running Ubuntu, head to Ninite's site, check the apps you want on your system, then click "Get Installer." The .deb file you get in return installs everything, and handles the addition of third-party repositories for apps like Dropbox, Adobe AIR, and other apps. Some of these apps are included in Ubuntu's official repositories and the Software Center "store," but through Ninite and third-party repositories, you get updates and new versions much quicker.

The DEB packages may install on other Debian-based distributions, but they appear designed for Ubuntu systems. Many of the packages included in Ninite's picks are part of the Lifehacker Pack for Linux, and we might need to udpate our Pack with a Ninite page, as we did with our 2010 Pack for Windows.

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