Monday, September 27, 2010

Use Ubuntu Tweak to Purge and Downgrade Third-Party Apps [Linux Tip]

Use Ubuntu Tweak to Purge and Downgrade Third-Party Apps

Use Ubuntu Tweak to Purge and Downgrade Third-Party AppsUbuntu Tweak is a handy way to automatically install and upgrade third-party apps and their auto-updating repositories, but it can also be used to wipe out updates that bring bugs into your system.

Trevor, the Linux aficionado at the How-To Geek's home away from Lifehacker, points out the power of the Package Cleaner section of Ubuntu Tweak, an app we dig for Ubuntu newcomers and a part of our Lifehacker Pack for Linux. Using the Package Cleaner, one can do a deep-cleaning "purge" of the apps from any third-party repository, like those that provide early Mozilla builds, beta or dev Chrome/Chromium browsers, or apps with newer updates than those in the official Ubuntu stacks. Along with removing the application and its repository link, Ubuntu Tweak can automatically downgrade your apps back to how Ubuntu originally had them before you decided to get all cutting edge.

Read up on the link for tips on installing Ubuntu Tweak and cleaning out packages.

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