Friday, July 9, 2010

Apple TV Rumored To Get $.99 TV Show Rentals, But Will The iPad And iPhone Get The Service Too?

The Apple TV might suddenly be part of the next big thing from Apple. We’ve heard that there’s a major retooling underway and Apple shifted some of their best people on the project. Updated hardware is likely, but new services will likely be at the forefront of the relaunch.

The latest rumor states that Apple is in contract talks to bring TV show rentals to the platform. They would probably work like the movie rentals by giving users 30-days to start playing the show after downloading and then 24-hours after starting playback until it expires. Except there’s one big difference: the shows are said to be streamed. Combine that with the rumor that iOS will power the next-gen Apple TV for a cocktail of dreams and possibilities.

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  1. wow thanks for sharing waiting to see to get it be real.. apple tv i love to watch tv show but never get the time watch