Thursday, July 15, 2010

IQ Ball is a cute, grappling hook Time Waster

IQ Ball

IQ Ball
is a fun little time waster that casts you as a fuzzy ball with a long, sticky tongue; your tongue serves as a grappling hook, and you must use it to navigate through levels and reach specific targets (or pull them to you).
However, your tongue is only so long; it can't reach everywhere, so you need to try to reach what you can. It also won't stick to everything; you find something that it can reach and stick to, and then use your tongue to walk through the level until you reach the target (or pull it over to you).
In the screenshot above, you can see the level number on the bottom right and the number of clicks that you've performed in the level on the bottom left. On this level, you need to swing like a monkey on the wire in order to reach the target. So, you have to grab and release until you get to the end.
Another nice touch is that the game instantly pauses and mutes when it loses focus. I see more and more developers doing this, and it's a welcome and thoughtful feature. I'll leave you with a tip: on level five, mind the cable car that's going down at the very beginning. If you don't stick to it, the level is lost forever (or until you restart it).

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