Monday, July 12, 2010

BlackBerry 6 features revealed in new RIM video

BlackBerry 6, the upcoming OS for Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices, blows away the notion of the BlackBerry as the ugly, businesslike device you use to check your work email. It was announced in April, but RIM has released a new sneak peek video that shows off the browser, media player interface, and social features of the upcoming BlackBerry OS. BlackBerry 6 is getting a WebKit browser, a social app-slash-feed-reader called Social Feeds, and an iPhone-esque media player. You can see all of that in the new video, plus a look at BlackBerry Messenger and the new universal search box that lets you find files anywhere on your device. The whole thing looks very iPhone-and-Android-influenced, but that's not a bad thing. Every time I try to use an old-school BlackBerry, I forget that I can't just tap the screen to make something happen. But BlackBerry 6 is a whole new world: a world with pinch and zoom!

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