Thursday, July 8, 2010

Install Flash on a jailbroken iPad, if you really want to

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Install Flash on a jailbroken iPad, if you really want to

by Victor Agreda, Jr. (RSS feed) on Jul 8th 2010 at 12:30PM

Well, if the video above doesn't prove to you how compelling Flash on the iPad can be, nothing will. Yes, the inevitable happened and Comex got Flash working on an jailbroken iPad. We all knew this was technically possible, but clearly Apple doesn't feel that Flash's performance on their mobile devices warrants full support. Whether it is battery or multitasking or whatever, Flash isn't allowed and we don't think it will be allowed any time soon (10.1 notwithstanding).

Nevertheless, if you're in the iPad jailbreaking set, go ahead and give it a try; Engadget has the how-to. You're missing out on all those crazy dancing skeletons and laughing babies. As you can see in the video you'll want to break out that Bluetooth keyboard to enjoy the full spectrum of the Flash web, as touch events aren't always analogous to mouse clicks and controls for games often require basic arrow key functionality.

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