Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fun: Onslaught Shooter

Friday has rolled around once again and it is time to have some fun while finishing out the work day. This week we have a fun game where you are the lone remaining soldier who has to defend his fortress bunker.

Onslaught Shooter

On the main screen you can jump right into the action or take a quick look at the instructions. You may want to go ahead and disable the music since it can be a little irritating.


The instructions are very simple…point your gun and keep shooting to survive. Literally.


When a new level is ready to start you will see a message letting you know the level and how start the round (it will hold/pause until you click). In the upper left corner you can monitor your armor and health ratings. And in the upper right corner is the minimum number of enemy soldiers that you need to kill on that level.


To kill the enemy soldiers or blow up the troop transports simply hold down the left mouse button and move it where needed. Once you reach the soldier limit in the upper right corner there may still be more soldiers that can appear before you finish the round.


Once you reach the third level you can expect to see enemy planes appear. You will definitely want to shoot them down as quickly as possible.


A pac-man character will also appear during the third round strolling very casually through the middle of the mayhem. Get him if you can!

Note: During our game play the pac-man character seemed to appear every third round.


When you have completed a round the game play screen will look like this. Notice that the enemy soldier limit in the upper right corner increases quickly.


By the fifth round things start to get very busy. Tanks will be added to the hordes of enemy soldiers and enemy planes trying to destroy you, so your aim had better be good!


Play Onslaught Shooter

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