Thursday, July 1, 2010

25 IT Job Sites and a Winning Formula —

1) Dice
Considered by IT professionals to be one of the leading job boards. Naturally its listings have fallen since the boom years, yet it remains a top destination.

2) JustTechJobs
Targeted, even micro-targeted, this portal offers a plethora of sub sites like JustJavaJobs, JustSAPJobs, JustWebJobs and JustNetworkingJobs.

3) Graduating Engineer
Help, I just graduated! Hey, at least you didn’t get a degree in History. For fresh grads, it offers a list of starting salaries (churned out by, along with job interview tips.

4) USAJobs
The U.S. government’s job search portal includes plenty of IT jobs. Oddly, it’s possible that the government is one of the best employers in this protracted downturn.

5) DevBistro
Since 2003, offering listings for programmers and Web developers, along with fresh openings for SEO, software architect, Q/A testing and others.

6) IT Manager Jobs
Hosted by, IT Manager Jobs ranges from help desk manager to network operations manager. And yes, the managers tend to earn the most (and deal with the most headaches!)

7) Craigslist: Search by City or State
Actually one of the mega-sites, but you can use it as a narrow-caster by drilling down by city or state. A ton of employers use it, though some employers complain that they get scores of not-so-hot applicants from this vast site. Yet it continues to be used by IT job seekers.

8) 37Signals Job Board
Provides IT job listings from plenty of other sites -- programming and design jobs and many other tech jobs, from project manager to digital user analyst.

Java is hot. Here you’ll find a full boat of jobs requiring skill in this popular programming language. JavJava DB, Java Studio, Java ME…

10) PHP-Freelancers
The freelance market can be brutal. Check out the fees that pros are getting for contract-based PHP coding. Are you scoring the best rate?

11) Google Job Search
Great resource. Not an IT job site but a directory of job sites where you can filter the jobs by category. Plus this page offers lists of headhunters and resume advice services.

12) iCrunchData
Kind of like a LinkedIn for IT professionals. Post your photo and resume, scan the jobs, interact with your fellow tech staffers. Social networking meets IT job hunting.

13) IT Jobs at CW Jobs
This UK-based site offers nearly 10,000 IT jobs, from hundreds of firms, with a lot of contract gigs.

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