Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fun: Conquer Antarctica

It is Friday once again and time for some fun on company time. Today’s game lets you lead a squad of penguin soldiers as they battle to conquer Antarctica.

Conquer Antarctica

The object of the game is to lead your penguin soldiers as they battle their way across the Antarctic ice flow.


To start your campaign to be the new ruler of the ice lands click on New Campaign. For those who are curious the instructions simply provide a story overview.

Note: There is a 2 player version and download available for this game.


Before each battle you can see exactly where you are in your campaign (blinking dash symbol).


Playing the game is really simple. Use your mouse to adjust the elevation and shooting power for your penguin cannon. Click on Fire when ready to shoot your weapon.


Knock the enemy penguins off their ice raft as quickly as you can.


The game is turn based so once you have fired the computer player will fire in return.


Once you get further into the campaign you will get access to more weapons.


Victory for your penguin soldiers!


The great thing about Conquer Antarctica is that if you lose a battle you can replay that level instead of starting over.


All hail the new penguin overlords!


Play Conquer Antarctica

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